A spooky good release from Stomio on the heels of a joyful Halloween 🎃 This release is packed with treats and no tricks 🍬

New Features

(1) Project AI Task Creation

We’re super excited to introduce our first part of Stomio AI: task creation. Simply describe your product and your testing hypothesis. Stomio AI will create a flow based on this information so you can jump start your task creation process and start customizing it further to your needs.


(2) Zapier Integration

A long list of integrations is now unlocked through Zapier. You can create zaps that link an action from Stomio to an action in your favorite tool. Do you want to get a notification in Microsoft Teams every time a new ticket is created in Stomio? Use a Zap. Do you want to push user information to Salesforce every time a tester signed up in Stomio? Use a Zap. The possibilities are endless with 6,000+ apps supported by Zapier!

Zapier Integration2 (1).png

(3) Project Creation Flow 2.0

We overhauled our project creation flow so it better aligns with the steps a manager typically takes. The new flow is even more intuitive and fast than the previous one.