Fresh out of a new funding round 🥳 we welcome summer 2023 with a new exciting release on the heels of our announcement week!

New Features

(1) Recurring tasks

Some tasks you want your testers to perform over and over again once they reach that task in the flow. With recurring tasks, you can achieve that while capturing your tester feedback at every instance they’re performing this recurring task.


(2) Sentiment Analysis

When you run a beta program, you will have multiple open text feedback steps. Collecting the raw feedback is essential but also getting the sentiment of the feedback is also important. With Sentiment Analysis, you can filter the positive or negative sentiment feedback so you can quickly drill down and read the associated raw feedback. It’s a great measurement of how your product and program are perceived by your testers


(3) Customize Tester invitation Email

Now you can customize the invitation email coming from Stomio to your tester by navigating to the new onboarding section in your beta.


(4) Manual publish of changes to tasks after beta is launched

After a beta is launched, adding new steps or changing steps to an existing task is not auto-published. Managers control when they want to publish those changes.