Summer is heating up so is our velocity! Check out all of these great updates in our July release 🔥🥵

New Features

(1) Smart Tags: Completion Rate

We added our first platform smart tag: completion rate. Now you can apply this tag in your beta based on tester performance. Let’s say you want to send a thank you message to all of your testers who completed 100% of their tasks. Now you can do so dynamically using smart tags. More tags to come in future releases.


(2) Slack Integration

Teams love Slack.. so do we! With our newest integration, you can map a beta in Stomio to a channel in Slack. Once you do so, all activities inside the beta (new tickets, new signups, task completed) are sent to slack as a notification with shortcuts to Stomio. You can choose whether you want to get the notification in slack instantly so you can stay on top of it. Or if you prefer a daily or a weekly digest.


(3) Mentions

Now you can mention users in a ticket and they will receive an email notification. This is especially handy when there is a public ticket!


(4) Keyboard shortcuts for testers

For all of the keyboard warriors out there, we added keyboard shortcuts to navigate and complete tasks as fast as you can ⌨️